DWS Mechanical Resolutions
6901 State Route 90
Cayuga, NY 13034

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Let us handle your fleet service

A disciplined approach to fleet service, maintenance, and inspection is crucial to keeping your fleet running in top condition and maintaining resale value.We provide truck, tractor-trailer and specialized equipment maintenance to city and state agencies, large and small corporations, and private owner operators.


Our top quality  Certified Technicians have many years of experience in maintenance and repair to keep your fleet safe. We are up-to-date with the latest equipment and technology. Because we understand the expense of vehicles being out of service, we strive to maintain vehicles while they are not being used.


Consistent Inspections will help find and fix small issues before they become major problems.  We have the most comprehensive PM inspection checklist in the industry that documents the current status of your vehicles and exceeds the Department Of Transportation (DOT) standards.

Consistent Preventative Maintenance will maintain your vehicles at peak operating efficiency, reduce wear and tear and avoid unnecessary and expensive unscheduled repairs.

Consistent administration and asset management will help you make informed, effective decisions about when, where and what maintenance to perform, and also when it is time to retire a vehicle from service


We only use top quality replacement parts and superior lubricants, filtration and fluids.  Together, the careful choice of these repair components make a substantial difference in the overall quality of the complete repair and add many miles and months of vehicle usability over time, effectively extending the life of the vehicle.

Hi-rail  Service and Repair

Our shop is fully equipped for all your Hi-rail needs; repairs, installations, alignments and inspections. We have the capability to test all hi-rail equipment on tracks behind our shop.